How it works?

Built for performance, scale and security

Biro2go relies on proven web technologies such as PHP and Javascript. It delivers outstanding performance because most of the heavy lifting takes place within the server and our kernel is compiled in C++ for maximum efficiency. Bioro2go scales brilliantly thanks to a fully clustered architecture and contains a framework to ensure all the operations are secure.

Web Engine: Virtualizing in HTML5

The Web Engine is Biro2go VDI served into HTML5 web browsers. It virtualizes on premise Legacy Apps, Microsoft Office and other local heavy-duty productivity Apps like Autocad or Photoshop for their remote delivery into Web Desktop Interface. Virtualization solution is particularly well suited to companies willing to implement BYOD. policies.

Technical View

Seen from outside, Biro2go is a web that only requires a browser and an Internet connection to use it.


Biro2go architecture is totally clusterizable. This gives you the possibility to distribute the load in order to gain scalability and disponibility.


Biro2go provides a solid performance thanks to the leverage of local resources, its architecture, which allows to dedicate separate servers if the load becomes intense, and the compilation of its kernel into C++.

Database Connectivity

Biro2go’ flexibility in terms of databases is evident. Thanks to its abstraction layer, it can operate with any standard SQL database engine, giving the solution even more possibilities and allowing it to adapt to the reality of your company. By default, the virtual appliance shipped operates with MySQL database engine.

  • What’s more, if an application needs to connect to the database to create its own tables and store information, there are two ways of doing it:Via a normal database connection. Biro2goprovides a number of methods to get a database connection at any time.
  • By using GenericDAO, advanced API, developers no longer have to worry about SQL.


Biro2go offers a modern virtual environment based on HTML5 technology.

Any device

Biro2go supports any device (PC, tablet, phone). All you need is internet connection and web browser, supporting BYOD.

Full of capabilities

Biro2go offer full range of capabilities. From business application virtualisation to collaborative tools.

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